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Video Documentaries

Here is a selection of some of our video pieces.  The link to "Full Interviews" will take you to examples of complete, unedited versions of some of our visits with Texas conservationists.  The "Profiles" link will show 2-3 minute excerpts from our interviews, interspliced with footage of natural, industrial and urban landscapes.  "Themes" will bring you to a set of videos, both short and long, on topics such as surface water, groundwater, citizenship, and energy.  The "Regions" link goes to a page containing a landscape videos from 7 ecological regions in Texas, as well as a video representing the variety of environmental views and controversies within a single part of the state, in this case, Northeast Texas. The "Arts & Culture" topic will take you to a set of conservation-related videos about Texas poets, authors, cartoonists, and singer/songwriters. 

Please know that the current version of the free PC Real Media player (version 11) allows a user to not just stream video, but also save it for use later!  To do that, after you double-click on a Real file that you'd like to see, just look under the command, "File", you'll see the menu "Record", and then "Record this Clip", which should store the file on your computer.  We hope that this new feature gives you more flexibility in how you use the Texas Legacy materials.

Full Interviews - Profiles - Themes - Regions - Arts & Culture

For more behind-the-scenes information about the production of the videos, please consider the following video and audio recordings from our crew:

Gary Spalding, light and sound technician for the Texas Legacy Project, explains the challenges of lighting video interviews in this short segment.  Please look at  his full-length interview video as well.
  David Todd, coordinator for the Texas Legacy Project, finds new media to be a great tool for education, as discussed in this excerpt from a 2002 interview (shown in this full-length version) More background about the Texas Legacy Project can be found in this 2007 audio clip.   David Weisman, cameraman and editor for the Texas Legacy Project, uses both video and vintage film in his work, as he explains in this excerpt.  Please look at his full-length interview video also.



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