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LaVerne Williams


LaVerne Williams

Region: Coastal Prairie

Topics: Architecture, Green Building, Sustainability

Mr. Williams is a Houston-based registered architect whose practice has focused on green building for residential structures.  He has worked since the 1970s to find better siting, design and materials for reduced energy use, lowered water consumption, more renewable resources, closer sourcing, less toxic exposure, and reduced up-front cost and long-term maintenance.  He sees this as a personal conviction and a professional obligation, strengthened by growing concerns over climate change (it is estimated that the building industry is responsible for over 50% of the nation's greenhouse gases).



February 28, 2008
Houston, Texas
2423 and 2424


Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Williams.

Please see the transcript, and the unedited video record, as shown in reels 2423 and 2424, drawn from Mr. Williams' full interview.






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