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Lanny Sinkin


Lanny Sinkin

Region: Coastal prairie

Topics: Energy, nuclear utilities, cetaceans

Mr. Sinkin is an environmental attorney who served as Executive Director of the Urban Coalition of San Antonio in the late 1970s, seeking to bridge the gaps between the environmental, business, labor and minority communities of the City.  In that role, he grew interested in the financial cost and environmental hazard posed by San Antonio's investment in the South Texas Nuclear Project (STNP), Units 1 and 2.  For seven years during the 1980s, he led Citizens Concerned about Nuclear Power in their challenge to the Project's operating license, eventually exposing the design and construction errors that resulted in contractor changes, financial settlements, and safety improvements. He returned to Texas to challenge the City's proposal to invest in construction of STNP Units 3 and 4, when they were proposed in 2007 by NRG Energy. During the intervening years, he worked on cases confronting plutonium use on space vehicles, sonar use in Naval operations, and ferry use in whale nursery grounds.



April 10, 2008
San Antonio, Texas
Reel 2450, 2451, and 2452


Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Sinkin.

Please see the transcript and the unedited video, as shown in reels 2450, 2451 and 2452, from Mr. Sinkin's full interview.






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