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Andy Sansom

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Wildlife, Habitat, Land, Water Supply, Energy, Nature Conservancy, Texas Parks & Wildlife

Mr. Sansom has been involved in a number of non-profit and government conservation efforts, ranging from his early work in land protection at the Department of Interior, to his role as executive director at the Texas chapter of the Nature Conservancy, to his service as the director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He also has been involved in promoting more sustainable energy use, through policy work at the University of Houston, passive solar design work, and freelance writing. Most recently, he is helping improve water policy in his capacity as executive director of the River Systems Institute at Texas State University. Throughout his career, Mr. Sansom has been a prolific writer on historic and natural resource conservation issues, producing such books as Texas Past and Texas Lost.



April 13, 2002
Stonewall, Texas
Reel 2186 and 2187

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Sansom.

Please see the video (reels 2186 and 2187) and the  transcript of Mr. Sansom's full interview.






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