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Fran Sage

Region: Trans Pecos

Topics: Air Pollution, Energy, Radioactive Waste, Non-Profit, Sierra

Mrs. Sage led a career as a professor of English and a staff member of several Texas-based higher education agencies and associations. She now lives outside Alpine and has been active in a variety of conservation efforts there, chief among them co-founding, organizing, and leading the new Sierra Club Big Bend regional group. She and the new Sierra group have been engaged in several projects, including restoring the air quality of the Big Bend (where visibility of over 100 miles now falls to less than 10 at times), fighting proposals to dispose of radioactive waste in west Texas, and looking for more sustainable water options for the area. She also finds time to write poetry, sometimes about the natural world around her.



April 4, 2001
Alpine, Texas
Reel 2151 and 2152

Please see brief Real Media video excerpts from our interview with Ms. Sage, including a piece on her work on light pollution, and a reading of her poetry.

Please see the video (reel 2151 and 2152) and the  transcript of Ms. Sage's full interview.






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