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Ellis Pickett


Ellis Pickett

Region: Coastal Prairie

Topics: Coast, Water Quality, Erosion

Mr. Pickett is a fifth-generation Texan living in Liberty, Texas.  He has worked in the oil and medical industries, and is an avid surfer.  Through his surfing hobby, he grew concerned about the condition of the Texas coast, and by 1999 became involved in starting and managing the Texas chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.  He has focused on maintaining safe public access to the Texas coast and also worked on beach cleanups, water quality tests, erosion monitoring, and dune protection.


February 24, 2006
Liberty, Texas
Reel 2390


Please see the short excerpt from our interview with Mr. Pickett. 

Please watch the uncut video record (reel 2390) of Mr. Pickett's full interview


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