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Martin Melosi


Martin Melosi

Region: Coastal Prairie

Topics: Environmental History, Cities, Infrastructure, Solid Waste

Dr. Melosi is an environmental historian whose research and writing have focused on urban sanitary infrastructure, including the services for drinking water, wastewater and solid waste.  He is a professor at the University of Houston, where he has taught since 1984.  Previously, from 1975 through 1984, he taught at Texas A&M University.  He has written widely (The Sanitary City,  Energy Metropolis, Effluent America, and Coping with Abundance), edited professional journals and books, including the Environmental History Series at Texas A&M Press, worked as an expert witness in litigation, and served his colleagues as President and officer with the American Society for Environmental History



February 28, 2008
Houston, Texas
Reels 2421 and 2422


Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Dr. Melosi.

Please see the transcript, and the unedited video record, as shown in reels 2421 and 2422, drawn from Dr. Melosi's full interview.






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