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Roy Malveaux

Region: Coastal Plain

Topics: Development, Energy, Law & Politics, People, Waste

Rev. Malveaux is a Baptist minister who has served congregations in both Corpus Christi and currently in Beaumont. He has also led the statewide public interest group People Against a Contaminated Environment (PACE), which grew out of his concern that air and water emissions from powerful petrochemical facilities abutting these communities were affecting the health and livelihoods of his neighbors and congregants.


October 8, 1999
Beaumont, Texas
Reels 2048 and 2049

Please see a brief video excerpt of our interview with Rev. Malveaux.

Please see the transcript or the uncut video (reel 2048 and 2049) of Rev. Malveaux's  interview.  Reel 2049 is a joint interview with Alfred Dominic.






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