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Stuart Henry

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Law, Litigation, Water rights, Edwards Aquifer, Pollution, Non-profits

Stuart Henry began his environmental career in positions with the Harris County Air Pollution Control Department, the San Jacinto chapter of the American Lung Association, Houston's Citizens' Environmental Coalition, and the City of Austin's Environmental Program. In more recent years, he has worked as the lead attorney in an Austin-based partnership that specializes in representing public interest groups and landowners in environmental cases. Mr. Henry is particularly well-known for his work on water-related cases, such as Sierra vs. Babbitt, the controversy involving protection of endangered species dependent on the Edwards Aquifer regime. He has also been active in fighting dams, radioactive waste sites, strip mines, wastewater discharge permits, feedlots, hazardous waste incinerators and other environmental problems.


June 18, 1999
Austin, Texas
Reels 2007 and 2008

Collected additional interview

January 10, 1979

Please see a brief  Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Henry.

Please see the video (reel 2007 and 2008) or the  transcript of Mr. Graves' full 1999  interview.  The transcript of the 1979 interview can be found here.






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