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Ned Fritz

Region: Piney Woods

Topics: Forests, Rivers, Organization, Law


For many years, Mr. Fritz carried on a full private practice as a consumer credit attorney, while also managing to participate in a variety of Texas conservation efforts. For example, he helped build several of the key environmental groups in the Texas, from local groups such as the Dallas Audubon Society, to statewide organizations such as the Natural Areas Preservation Association, the Texas Committee on Natural Resources, and the Texas chapter of the Nature Conservancy, in addition to national groups like the Forest Reform Network. Throughout, Mr. Fritz has also been active as an environmental attorney: he filed the first lawsuit under the National Environmental Policy Act, and has been diligent in using the Endangered Species Act and National Forest Management Reform Act as tools to protect the Texas National Forests from clearcutting. Finally, he has been one of the key citizen activists who have been responsible for the acquisition of the Big Thicket National Preserve.



Interviewed by David Todd
October 17, 2000
Dallas, Texas
Reel 2109

Interviewed by Sandra Skrei and Craig Damuth
June 17, 1999
Dallas, Texas
Reel 1020

Interviewed by David Todd
May 17, 1997
Dallas, Texas
Reel 1008

Interviewed by J.B. Smallwood, Jr.
February 7, 1983
Dallas, Texas
Copy provided by courtesy of North Texas State University



Please see a short  Real Media video excerpt from our May 17, 1997 or October 17, 2000 interview with Mr. Fritz.

Please see the video (reel 1008 or 2109) or the transcripts of Mr. Fritz' interviews.










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