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Sissy Farenthold

Region: Coastal Plain

Topics: Legislation, Law, Ethics, Pollution, Billboards

The Honorable Sissy Farenthold served two terms in the Texas House, representing Nueces and Kleberg counties (near and including Corpus Christi), from 1968 to 1972, and went on to run for the Texas Governor's office in 1972, and to receive over 400 votes for nomination as Vice President at the Democratic National Convention that same year. During her career in Texas state politics, she was an early critic of environmental regulation in the state, challenging various conflicts of interest, barriers to public participation, redlining of industrial areas, use of discretionary loopholes, and so on.



October 4, 1999
Houston, Texas
Reels 2033 and 2034

Please see a brief  Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Ms. Farenthold.

Please see the full video (reels 2033 and 2034) or the  transcript of Mrs. Farenthold's interview.






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