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Carol Cullar

Region: Rio Grande Valley

Topics: Education, Nature Center, Poetry

Since moving to Eagle Pass in 1979, Ms. Cullar has been involved in a number of ways in educating and conserving the Rio Grande Corridor and Trans-Pecos area.  She has written and edited poetry and prose, made prints of wildlife and natural landscapes, served on the Historical Commission of the City of Eagle Pass, and taught children about the natural world through her work at the Lehman Research Foundation, Rio Bravo Nature Center, and Rio Grande / Rio Bravo Basin Coalition.


February 22, 2006
Eagle Pass, Texas
Reels 2359 and 2360

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Ms. Cullar.

Please see the uncut video (reels 2359 and 2360) or the transcript of Ms. Cullar's full interview.



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