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T.C. "Tommy" Calvert

Region: Hill Country

Topics:  Pollution, Organizing, Advocacy, Non-profits, Government

Mr. Calvert is an experienced community organizer based in San Antonio, Texas. In his work with a number of groups over the years, including Neighborhoods First Alliance, San Antonio Fighting Back, the Public Interest Sunset Working Group, and the Southwest Community Empowerment Center, he has helped promote environmental justice for citizens affected by pollution from landfills, Superfund sites, tanning businesses, fuel storage tanks, smelting plants, electric utilities, military bases and other industrial and disposal facilities. He is currently president of the weekly African-American newspaper, the San Antonio Observer.


April 16, 2002
San Antonio, Texas
Reels 2194 and 2195

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Calvert.

Please see the video (reels 2194 and 2195) and  transcript of Mr. Calvert's full interview.






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