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Bob Burleson

Region: Blackland Prairie

Topics: Prairies, Rivers, Literature

Mr. Burleson is an attorney based in Temple, Texas, whose passion for exploration and conservation has taken him on early float and canoe trips down the Big Bend Canyons, to efforts to create a national park in the Guadalupe Mountains, to service on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, and to work on restoring native tallgrass prairie.


June 19, 1999
Temple, Texas
Reels 2009 and 2010

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Burleson alone, or please look at a video segment with Mickey and Bob Burleson together.

Please see Mr. Burleson's full solo  interview video (reel 2009 and 2010) and transcript, or the video (reel 2011) and transcript for his joint interview with Mickey Burleson.






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