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Al Brothers

Region: South Texas Brush Country

Topics: Wildlife Management, Ranching, Ecotourism, Hunting, White-tail Deer

Mr. Brothers lives in Berclair, Texas. He holds a degree in wildlife management, has worked for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and has managed H.B. Zachry ranches in Webb, Zapata, and Jim Hogg counties in Texas as well as Grand and San Juan counties in Utah. In subsequent years, Mr. Brothers has operated his own ranch and served as a consultant to other landowners on land, livestock and wildlife management issues. He is particularly well known for his work promoting good whitetail deer management through his consulting and writing (he is the co-author of Producing Quality Whitetails and a contributor to Quality Whitetails - the Why and How of Quality Deer Management).


February 22, 2000
Berclair, Texas
Reels 2075 and 2076


Please see a short  Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Brothers, or listen to him at Texas Parks and Wildlife's Passport to Texas Legacies site

Please see Mr. Brothers' full interview video (reels 2075 and 2076) or  transcript.






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