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Bill Sheffield


Bill Sheffield

Region: Crosstimbers

Topics: Wildlife, Exotics, Range Management, Ecology, Science

Dr. Sheffield is a biologist who has worked as a wildlife consultant and land manager for large private landowners, such as Humble Oil, and as a scientist for governmental agencies, including Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He is particularly well-known for his research and writing on the history and ecological role of exotic wildlife, as outlined in the books, "Nilgai Antelope in Texas" (1983), and "Exotics on the Range" (1994), co-written with Elizabeth Mungall.  Axis deer, sika deer, fallow deer, Indian blackbuck, nilgai antelope, mouflon-type sheep, aoudad, and wild boar are some of the non-native species that are well-established in Texas, occur in over half of the state's counties, and number more than 165,000 individuals.



March 5, 2008
College Station, Texas
Reels 2439 and 2440


Please see a brief video excerpt (Flash or Real) from our interview with Dr. Sheffield.

Please see the transcript and the  unedited video, as shown in reels 2439 and 2440, from Dr. Sheffield's full interview.






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