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Richard Sechrist

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Cattle, Chickens, Organic Food, Ranching, Agriculture

Mr. Sechrist operates an organic beef and cattle operation, the first certified in Texas, at the Sechrist Ranch near Fredericksburg, Texas. He also co- manages Homestead Healthy Foods with his wife, Peggy Sechrist. In building Homestead Healthy Foods, Mr. Sechrist has organized a cooperative relationship with Texas and Oklahoma organic cattle and chicken raisers, providing slaughtering, marketing and distribution services through a mail order and Internet outlet, and via shelf space in traditional urban grocery supermarkets.



April 19, 2002
Fredericksburg, Texas
Reels 2205 and 2206

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Sechrist.

Please see the video (reels 2205 and 2206) or the  transcript of Mr. Sechrist's full interview.





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