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George Russell

Region: Pineywoods

Topics: Forests, Forestry, Clearcutting, Botany, Forest Service

Mr. Russell owns and operates a video and slide educational business in Huntsville, Texas, but has long been involved in protecting national forests and natural areas in east Texas from excessive logging, burning, herbicide use, roadbuilding and other forms of development.

Not only has he been an active advocate for sustainable use and protection of public lands, but Mr. Russell has also invested in buying and protecting forestlands himself, using those private lands to investigate less harmful ways of management.



October 7, 1999
Huntsville, Texas
Reels 2044 and 2045

Please see a brief video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Russell.

Please see the video (reel 2044 and 2045) or the  transcript of Mr. Russell's full interview. 




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