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Gary Oliver

Region: Trans Pecos

Topics: Radioactive waste, Cartoons, Music, Media

Mr. Oliver is a Marfa-based musician and political cartoonist who has lampooned political corruption and environmental folly. He has been particularly outspoken against proposals to dispose of radioactive waste in west Texas, and was part of the successful effort to stop the low-level radioactive waste disposal facility planned for Sierra Blanca. A selection of his cartoons can be seen here, including some of his regarding endangered species, radioactive waste risks, and general ecological themes.



March 31, 2001
Marfa, Texas
Reel 2144 and 2145

Please see two brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Oliver, one describing a political cartoon, and the other, featuring a song.

Please see the video (reels 2144 and 2145) and transcript of Mr. Oliver's full interview.




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