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Bill Oliver

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Wildlife, Habitat, Music, Education


Bill Oliver (www.mrhabitat.net), a popular Austin-based singer and songwriter, has performed and recorded music with an environmental theme for adults and children in Texas and across the nation since the late 1960s. He performs both solo and with his group, the Otter Space Band, seeking to bring some humor and music to environmental education. Some of his songs titles follow, with links to their lyrics: Recycle City, Bring Your Own Bag (B.Y.O.B.), Habitat, Beach Buddy, Queen Invicta, Welcome Back Black-Capped Vireo, and Turtle Island.



April 11, 2002
Austin, Texas
Reel 2179


Please see two short Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Oliver.  One features his song, Barton Springs Eternal, the other, his satire of the jingle, Don't Mess with Texas.

Please see the video (Reel 2179) and  transcript of Mr. Oliver's full interview.







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