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Terry McIntire

Region: Crosstimbers

Topics: Dam, Water Pollution, River, Ranching, Confined Feeding, Organizing, Sierra

Mr. McIntire is part of a large extended family that has farmed and ranched in the Paluxy River valley, near Glen Rose, for many generations. He helped organize his family, neighbors and friends into a group known as Save the Paluxy Dinosaur Valley, that was successful in efforts to defeat plans to dam the Paluxy, one of the few free-flowing rivers left in Texas. In more recent years, he has also been active with the Fort Worth chapter of the Sierra Club in working to stop the pollution of the Paluxy, Bosque and other rivers that drain confined animal feeding operations, typically large-scale industrial dairies.



October 16, 2000
Paluxy, Texas
Reel 2108

Please see a short  Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. McIntire.

Please see the video (reel 2108) or the transcript of Mr.  McIntire's ffull interview.







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