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James Matz

Region: Rio Grande Valley

Topics: Wildlife, Water Quality, Land Use, Government

Mr. Matz served in the US Foreign Service in Mexico, Bolivia and Indonesia, and worked for a consulting engineering firm in South Africa, before returning to Harlingen. In Harlingen, he has promoted a range of conservation efforts in his position as Cameron County commissioner, as member on Harlingen's Metropolitan Planning Commission, through service within the US Government Advisory Committee for the NAFTA Commission on Environmental Cooperation, via membership on the Rio Grande Water Board, and by his leadership of the Valley Proud Environmental Council. He is particularly noted for his ability in the Council to organize and inspire large numbers of citizens to get involved in community improvement, through recycling, beach clean-ups, tree planting, and other projects.


February 25, 2000
Harlingen, Texas
Reels 2084 and 2085

Please see a short  Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Matz.

Please see the video (reels 2084 and 2085) or the transcript of Mr.  Matz' full interview.






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