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Jim Lynch

Region: Trans Pecos

Topics: Farming, Agriculture, Ground Water, Aquifer

Mr. Lynch is a farmer who grew up in California and came to Dell City in the early 1950s as one of the first to exploit the alluvial aquifer to develop agriculture in the high desert to the west of the Guadalupe Peaks National Park. In recent years, he and neighboring farmers have become concerned about El Paso's interest in pumping and exporting local groundwater, which could exceed the recharge rate for the Dell Valley aquifer, and eliminate the agricultural community and lifestyle that has grown up there.



March 29, 2001
Dell City, Texas
Reel 2139

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Lynch.

Please see the full video (reel 2139)  and transcript of Mr. Lynch's joint  interview with Mrs. Lynch.






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