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Photo kindly provided by Patsy and Mike Anderson


Please see the video in tribute to Lynn Lowrey with insights from Scooter Cheatham, David Creech, John Fairey, Mary Anne Pickens, Carl Schoenfeld, and Mike Shoup.


Lynn Lowrey

Region: Piney Woods

Topics: Botany, Horticulture, Landscape

Mr. Lowrey was a noted plantsman long based in Houston, credited with introducing native plants to commercial horticulture, and to the landscapes surrounding Texas homes, institutional and business buildings.  At this point, we do not have any direct recordings or writings of Mr. Lowrey.  The history of Mr. Lowrey draws heavily on the reminiscences of his fellow plant collectors, propagators, gardeners, and many friends and admirers. Please see the links below for their written remarks and/or interview transcripts.

November 13, 2004
Houston, Texas
Reels 2296, 2297, 2298, 2299, 2300, and 2301




Scooter Cheatham
Useful Wild Plants

Scooter Cheatham is an Austin-based architect, teacher, plant explorer and writer, and the founder and manager of the Useful Wild Plants project, an economic botany encyclopedia for plants of the Southwest.


David Creech
SF Austin University

David Creech is a plant explorer and collector, a professor of horticulture at Stephen F. Austin Univ. in Nacogdoches, and director of its Mast Arboretum, which has diverse collections of forest, bog, and desert plants.


John Fairey
Peckerwood Garden

John Fairey is an architecture professor at Texas A&M University, a plant explorer, and the founder and director of Peckerwood Garden in Hempstead, a collection of woodland, montane and desert plants native to the southern United States and Mexico.


Mary Anne Pickens
Native Plant Society of Texas

Mary Anne Pickens is a resident of Columbus, Texas, where she pursues her interests as a gardener, historian, landscape writer, and past president of the Native Plant Society of Texas.



Carl Schoenfeld
Yucca Do Nursery

Carl Schoenfeld is a plant explorer and the founder and owner of Yucca Do Nursery in Hempstead, where he propagates and sells drought and heat tolerant plants, including rare yuccas, cacti, ferns, and bromeliads.


Mike Shoup
Antique Rose Emporium

Mike Shoup is a horticulturalist, garden writer, and the founder and owner of the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, specializing in rare and heirloom roses.


Sally Wasowski
Garden Writer
Taos, New Mexico

Sally Wasowski is a landscape designer and author based in Taos, New Mexico, whose hundreds of pioneering articles and nine books on native plants include Gardening with Native Texas Plants and Native Plants of the South.







Conservation History Association of Texas
Texas Legacy Project

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