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Ken Kramer

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Non-Profit, Organizing, Sierra, Water, Air, Nuclear Waste, Pollution

Dr. Kramer has worked with the Sierra Club in volunteer and professional capacities since 1978, and has served as the first executive director of the 23,000-member Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, based in Austin, since 1989. He coordinates the state-level activities of the Club, and acts as the liaison between the club's membership and Texas state officials whose decisions affect environmental and natural resource policies, including water supply, coastal access, water and air quality, radioactive waste, and other issues.

Dr. Kramer has also served on numerous governmental bodies, including the Governor's Task Force on Hazardous Waste Management (1984), the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Advisory Council (1983-1991), the Joint Select Committee on Toxic Air Emissions and the Greenhouse Effect (1989-1990), and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission's Task Force 21 (regarding the state agency's pollution policies) and Waste Reduction Advisory Committee.



October 16, 2003
Austin, Texas
Reels 261 and 262

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Dr. Kramer.

Please see the  uncut video (reels 2261 and 2262) transcript of Dr. Kramer's full interview.






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