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Katherine Goodbar

Region: Crosstimbers

Topics: Science, Education, Prairie, Recycling, Non-Profit


Ms Goodbar is a Dallas resident, former high school science teacher, and current educator at the Richardson Environmental Studies Center. Through her classroom work and frequent field trips, she has introduced thousands of students to the wonders of the outdoors. As well, her love of nature led her to guide numerous tours through the Big Thicket, and help lobby for its protection as a federal biological sanctuary. She has also sought to provide private protection to other Texas natural systems through her work as a board member and stewardship chair of the Natural Area Preservation Association, the largest Texas-based land trust, which protects over 30,000 acres scattered among more than 65 preserves. Finally, in another effort to protect natural resources, she has participated (serving as its president during 1982-83) in the successful effort of the Richardson Environmental Action League to create a city-wide, staffed recycling program there in Richardson. For this and other accomplishments, she received the coveted Chevron Conservation Award in the year 2000. 



October 21, 2000
Winona, Texas
Reels 2119 and 2120

Please see a short  Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mrs. Goodbar.

Please see the video (reels 2119 and 2120) or the  transcript of Mrs. Goodbar's full  interview.






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