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John Henry Faulk

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Ground Water, Surface Water, Aquifer, Dam, Channel, Media, Government


Well known as a folklorist, as a radio and TV personality of great wit, and as a courageous fighter against the blackmailing and blackballing of the Red Scare, John Henry Faulk also had a strong interest in environmental protection. In his hometown of Austin, he spoke out against the construction and channelizing in and along Barton Creek, and other sensitive areas. He also was a noted opponent of the efforts in the 1960s and 1970s to overpump the Ogallala Aquifer of the Panhandle, to move water from east Texas to west Texas in a system of canals and pipelines, and particularly, to dredge the Trinity River as a barge canal to Dallas. He cited similarities to the Red Scare, in the hyperbole and name-calling that was thrown against environmentalists who questioned these projects. 


Interviewed by

J.B. Smallwood, Jr.
June 18, 1981
Madisonville, Texas

Copy provided courtesy of North Texas State University

Please see the transcript of Mr. Faulk's interview.  





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