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Fred Dahmer (deceased)

Region: Piney Woods

Topics: Dredging, Dams, Caddo Lake


Mr. Dahmer worked in electronics for many years, selling, building, and repairing equipment, particularly sound gear. However, throughout his life he also had a strong interest in Lake Caddo, the 36,000-acre lake and bald cypress swamp in northeast Texas formed by the Big Cypress River. Formed by a 100-mile lograft that sometimes reached 25 feet high, Lake Caddo is unique as the only natural lake in Texas (all the others have been formed in recent years by man-made dams). It is also noted for its many fish species (71 at last count), and diverse bird population (over 300 endemic or migrant species are known). As well, the Lake is known for its colorful history of steamboat traffic, fishing, pearling, offshore oil drilling, and hunting history. For all these aspects, Mr. Dahmer was an authority for collecting and recounting these facts and tales (many of which are in his book, Caddo Was..). Further, he had been active for many years in trying to show the value and need to protect the Lake from dubious proposals to channelize, dam and otherwise develop Caddo.  Mr. Dahmer and his wife, Loucille, are remembered in the Nature Conservancy's gift and dedication of the 1000-acre Fred and Loucille Dahmer Caddo Lake Preserve.



June 7, 1997
Uncertain, Texas
Reel 1010

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mr. Dahmer.

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