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H.C. Clark, Ph.D.

Region: Coastal Plain

Topics: Solid waste, Geology, Groundwater, Aquifer, Science, Education


Dr. Clark is an emeritus faculty member of the Geology and Geophysics Department at Rice University in Houston, and is an active consultant on the siting, construction and operation of solid waste facilities throughout Texas and the Southwest. He has helped numerous neighborhoods, public interest groups, and governmental entities understand and expose faulting, fissuring, and other geological weaknesses that can undermine improperly designed dumps, landfills, land farms, deep well injection systems, radioactive waste sites, and waste storage facilities proposed for caverns and salt comes. He also operates a ranch and cattle operation in central Texas, and volunteers extensively with Urban Harvest farmers markets.



October 20, 2003
Houston, Texas
Reels 2271 and 2272

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Dr. Clark.

Please see the uncut video (reels 2271 and 2272) or the transcript of Dr. Clark's full  interview.






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