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Mary Lou Campbell

Region: Rio Grande Valley

Topics:  Birds, Habitat, Dredging, Canals, Border issues, Advocacy, Non-profits, Government

Ms. Campbell lived for many years on South Padre Island, where she worked in public relations and fine arts businesses, as well as giving volunteer time to several conservation groups. Active with the Sierra Club’s Lower Rio Grande Valley Group, the Lower Laguna Madre Foundation, and with Frontera Audubon Society, she has worked on water supply, canal dredging, wetland filling, sewage disposal, and development issues on the Island and throughout South Texas. Her special interest and expertise in the Valley's water issues has also led her to work with the Cameron County Fresh Water District and the Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Group. She has also been involved on statewide environmental efforts, serving on the Executive Committee of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, as well as on the founding board of Texas Audubon. On the international front, Ms. Campbell has been a member of the International Committee for the Sierra Club and of the Public Advisory Committee for the EPA U.S./Mexico Border Environmental Plan.


April 25, 1998
South Padre Island, Texas
Reel 1017

Please see a brief Real Media video excerpt from our interview with Mrs. Campbell.

Please see the full video (reel 1017, part A and B), or the transcript of Mrs. Campbell's interview.






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