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Dede Armentrout

Region: Hill Country

Topics: Non-profit, Biology, Birds, Audubon, Private lands

A PhD biologist, Dede Armentrout served for almost two decades as the executive director of the Southwestern Regional office of the National Audubon Society, and has later gone on to teach in the Zoology Department at the Southwest Texas State University, to farm an organic peach orchard, to act as a mediator in environmental and other sorts of disputes, and to run a new non-profit dedicated to protecting the mountain lion in Texas.


June 22, 1999
San Marcos, Texas
Reels 2019 and 2020

Please see a short video excerpt from our interview with Ms Armentrout

Please see Ms. Armentrout's full  interview video (reel 2019 and 2020) or  transcript.






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