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The Texas Legacy site hosts a variety of educational media, including video, databases, transcripts and other material, in various stages of preparation. Below you can find links to material which is currently available.

Here are links to about 150 full interviews and more than 210 short profiles of individual conservationists, topical documentaries about such subjects as surface water and groundwater supplies, pieces on regions of the state, and experimental tagged clips.

Here are links to about 15 short audio clips that are being produced for the Passport to Texas Legacies, a partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Here are links to two interactive databases, one of which is the log of over 380 hours of landscape footage segments and interviews with more than 180 conservationists around the state, and a second that is a compilation of 550 major environmental events. 

Here you will find links to over 180 full-length, verbatim transcripts of Texas conservationists from various parts of the state, active in the protection of wildlife, habitat and/or public health.

Conservation History Association of Texas
Texas Legacy Project

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