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These Are Faces, Scenes and Ideas from Texas Conservation:

The Conservation History Association of Texas welcomes you to texaslegacy.org, an online archive of video, audio, text, and other materials collected through interviews and correspondence with the people who have shaped and continue to influence the protection of Texas natural resources.  

Texas is unique in its vast diversity of land and resources, and in the variety of the conservationists who have sought to protect the state. The conservationists involved in this project include farmers, ranchers,  politicians,  landowners, citizen advocates, journalists, medical doctors, environmental attorneys, engineers, agency officials, and others from every region of the state.  

The goal of collecting these materials is to promote and recognize the many contributions of Texans toward conservation of the state's resources and protection of her citizens' health. We hope that the people, lives, and works chronicled here will inform, encourage, and inspire both old and new conservationists in Texas and elsewhere.

Please take some time to explore our site to learn about the issues and concerns facing natural resources in the Lone Star State:

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