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Curriculum:  Social Studies and English Language Arts: 
Communities in Controversy  [ 113.32(c) and 110.60(b)]

The Texas Legacy site hosts a variety of educational curricula, lesson plans, keys and ideas, and supporting media, including video, databases, transcripts and other material.  Below you will find a case study scenario called "Communities in Controversy", where teachers and students can act out the various sides of a community divided over a project, maybe a new landfill, industrial facility, reservoir, subdivision or road proposed for the area.

Goal:  The student uses problem-solving and decision-making skills, working independently and with others, in a variety of settings.

The case study is laid out in four sections:

1.  Describing the proposed project and hearing

2.  Advocating for the proposed project

3.  Opposing the proposed project

4.  Hearing and deciding on the proposed project

And for extra credit, consider the problem from a different perspective:

Turning the tables, where conservationists are proponents, not critics




Conservation History Association of Texas
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