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The Conservation History Association of Texas is delighted to announce Texas A&M University Press's publication of a book, The Texas Legacy Project:  Stories of Courage and Conservation, drawn from this archive. The book is edited by David Todd and David Weisman, and features excerpts from interviews with more than 60 narrators.  A description of the book can be seen in the Press catalog and a listing of book release events are shown here on our Facebook page. Please check out recent press articles, interviews and presentations about the Texas Legacy book and archive.  A short sample interview about the book from one of the co-editors, David Todd, can be heard here, below, courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Cecilia Nasti, and the Passport to Texas radio program:

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Early reactions: 

"No student should graduate from a Texas high school without reading this book ... or even memorizing it."
-- Bill Moyers, journalist and public commentator

"I've never seen such an engrossing cavalcade of those rare, self-motivated people who are the sturdy pillars of a striving democratic society. If you just read their own reflections and stories, civic motivation and its resulting achievements will occupy your mind and induce you to have a higher estimate of your own significance. A great jolting gift for the disillusioned, the deprived and the easily deterred."
-- Ralph Nader, citizen activist

"This book gives us an important chance to listen to nature, learn from nature's students and stewards, and protect our shared conservation legacy for our children and grandchildren."
-- Larry Schweiger, president and CEO, National Wildlife Federation
"A splendid new book, Stories of Courage and Conservation, drawing on an impressive archive of personal reminiscences made available through The Texas Legacy Project, describes in the heartfelt and plain-spoken words of its narrators how Texas came to develop such an impressive commitment to natural resources and the environment."
-- Henry Foster, former head, The Nature Conservancy, Yale School of Forestry, and W. Alton Jones Foundation

"Texans have good reason to be proud of their abundant wildlife.  It attracts nature enthusiasts from around the world.  That's no accident.  Dozens of colorful Texas personalities toiled most of their lives to protect the wildlife we now enjoy.  The Texas Legacy Project brilliantly captures their stories in their words.  It's a must-read for anyone who cares about Texas.  Hopefully, it will inspire the next generation of Texas conservation leaders."
-- John Flicker, former President, The National Audubon Society

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"The Texas Legacy Project confirms the incredible value of efforts by individuals who, like John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, and Theodore Roosevelt, dedicated much of their lives to controversial ideas that gave great benefit to the public."
-- Don Henley, recording artist, environmentalist and founder of the Caddo Lake Institute and Walden Woods Project

"In a state where most of the wildlands are fenced in or marked with signs that say, "Keep out," the Texas Legacy Project reminds us not only what is at stake but why "the open space of democracy" matters to the souls of all Americans. Private lands, working lands, lands that still hold the spirit of wildness make this book a compilation of commitment. May these stories told by individuals devoted to a place, not only take root in Texas, but all across this country. The legacy of the land is the legacy of its people. The Texas Legacy Project is living proof that leadership is love, especially when focused on the landscapes that shapes us. This is a book that celebrates passionate engagement in the places we call home. "
-- Terry Tempest Williams, activist, naturalist and author of Finding Beauty in a Broken World

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